Richard N. Lawing - President

Mauney Insurance

East Lincoln Insurance


It is our mission at Mauney Insurance Agency, Inc. to make readily available insurance products and service to our clients in a professional manner. We, being an independent insurance agency, work with our clients from the beginning of the application process, to the delivery of the policy as well as any claims they may incur, and until our client's insurance needs are met. In order to ensure a professional and quality work environment we strive to provide our employees with education and support.

East Lincoln InsuranceOBJECTIVES:

Our main objectives are to:

  • Be fair and honest in all that we do
  • Be involved with people and their problems
  • Treat our customer's concerns as if they were our own


We strive to:

  • reduce the cost of your insurance
  • adequately insure your investment to its value